Here’s Why.

Efficient communication between your employees, vendors and clients is integral to the success of your business. Today’s phone systems are constantly changing, and it’s difficult to to determine which one is right for your business.

ShoreTel and Zultys are the leading providers of VoIP Services. ShoreTel may seem like a good fit—However, Zultys offers features tailored for today’s businesses.

No Hassles

ShoreTel systems require a multitude of devices to manage and maintain. Plus, when upgrading a ShoreTel system, each piece must be individually upgraded.

With Zultys, one simple device handles all your business phone needs, with much easier implementation and less maintenance.

More Built-In Services

The standard ShoreTel system doesn’t come close to the features Zultys offers:

  • A Built-In Firewall
  • Fax Service
  • Business-wide Instant Messaging
  • DNS Support
  • Multiuser IP telephones.
  • A Gateway, Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, and
  • Call Center Applications.

Less Expensive

Zultys is nearly 50% less expensive than ShoreTel, and costs about 40% less to maintain, due to ShoreTel’s complicated licensing and design.

Unified Messaging

Unlike ShoreTel, Zultys offers unified messaging targeted to today’s business needs. This alleviates the hassle of working across multiple systems.

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