Do you trust your IT company or do you feel like they’re always keeping something from you?

While there’s a lot of honest and trustworthy IT companies in Ottawa, there’s also a lot of IT companies that keep secrets from their clients – simply because it’s easier to sit back and let them feel like they’re getting the service they deserve, but in actuality, they’re not.

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We truly enjoy watching our clients grow and succeed – and we understand how important your information technology is to promote growth and success, which is why we’re happy to expose the 4 little known secrets other IT companies in Ottawa aren’t sharing with you:

  1. Not every cloud service is right for you:

The cloud is fantastic – enabling you and your staff members to access files and applications on the go, however, not every cloud service would work for your business, especially if you’re subject to industry-specific regulations. If your IT company is pushing you to the cloud without discussing your compliance and security requirements and making sure the cloud service works for you, they’re simply out to make a quick buck.

  1. The latest technologies aren’t always best:

Sure, the latest and greatest technologies might seem pretty exciting, but that doesn’t always mean they’re the best fit for your business needs. Does your IT company constantly try to convince you to purchase and implement the latest technologies without talking about how they’ll work for your unique requirements? Keep in mind, they’re getting a cut of the profit – and likely not considering your business needs in the process.

  1. A firewall and anti-virus software isn’t enough:

Have you talked to your IT company about cybercrime lately? Do they let you know when new threats or viruses come out? If not, they’re keeping you in the dark. The truth is, a firewall and anti-virus software isn’t enough to protect you from the rapidly evolving world of cybercrime. Your IT company should be talking to you and your staff members and implementing comprehensive security solutions to keep you safe.

  1. Managed services could cut costs dramatically:

That’s right – if you’ve been paying for hourly support and your IT company hasn’t mentioned the dramatic cost cutting power of managed services, they’re charging you way more than necessary. There’s no need to pay for hourly support every time something comes up when managed services offer all the services and support needed at a flat rate monthly fee.

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