Today, the game has changed. Your business can do MORE, and do it BETTER and FASTER than ever before with a next-generation phone system. IP-PBX systems offer many benefits for your business that simply were not possible previously.

IP Telephony refers to the ‘next generation’ of telephone systems. Also known as an IP-PBX, these systems allow you to use your computer network for voice and video communication instead of a separate set of cables for your phones. By integrating your voice communication with your computer network, you can see immediate benefits. How? Simply by getting better and far more efficient with all your communications – both internally and with clients.

You will save loads of time with little things like pressing a button on your keyboard to call a client, instead of picking up the handset and pressing buttons. This may not sound like much, but it really does make a difference. When you can use your keyboard and mouse to manage your real-time communications (voice/video/instant messaging) in a business environment, the efficiencies and enjoyment (yes, enjoyment) of communication become painfully obvious. Instant message with a colleague when they are on the phone to get immediate and important information, because you can see their ‘on the phone’ status, you save incredible amounts of time (rather than tapping your foot at their office doorway waiting for them to finish a call).

Serve your clients BETTER and FASTER than you ever could before. Telecommuting or working remotely (and connecting multiple offices as one) becomes so much simpler to achieve – simply log in to your computer and go! The possibilities are nearly endless.

DigiVie Can Help You Make the Game-Changing Switch to IP Telephony!

At DigiVie, we truly believe IP telephony will be game-changing for your business. Here are just a few of the benefits these systems can provide:

  • Your phones interact with your computers
    • Press a button in your contact manager to dial a number
    • Get screen-pops for inbound calls
    • See call logs for recent incoming calls and call back with a click of a mouse
  • Instant messaging with your peers
    • ‘Chat’ with your co-workers to get time-sensitive information so you can close a deal while they’re on the phone closing another deal
  • Presence – Show others if you’re busy, in a meeting, on lunch, not available, etc.
    • Know where your people are
    • Get RID of the In/Out board
    • Don’t waste time calling someone if they’re on the phone
  • Call Handling Rules
    • Find-me / follow-me: route calls to your cell phone or a colleague when you’re out for lunch / busy / in a meeting / not available – you decide how it works!
    • Send calls directly to voicemail based on presence / who is calling / time of day, etc.
  • Call Detail Reports
    • See where, when, who, and how-long the phones are being used
  • Call-Recording – record sensitive calls (trades, etc.) or conference calls
  • IVR – automated call processing with back-end data
  • Branch Offices
    • Link offices around the world TOLL FREE
    • Utilize all of the above as ONE harmonized system
  • And Many More…

We’re Committed to Helping You Choose the Right Voice Communication System for Your Business!

At DigiVie, we’re committed to helping you choose the right telephony system for your unique needs. Our team of IT professionals will ensure your communication systems makes sense for you. If it doesn’t make sense, we won’t install it. Our goal is to create real, measurable benefits for your organization.

Ready to find the best voice communication system for your business? Contact us and we’ll happily assess your needs and help you find the right solution. Give us a call at (613) 277-2312 or email us at {email}.