• I used to do IT work at the NRC, not having had any formal training for such an endeavor. Nevertheless, I struggled my way through and found it very rewarding to solve problems for people, even the smallest of issues. I actually credit that experience for getting me to where I am today at WP. Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to you and your staff. It’s not easy work and much of the time, it’s thankless. I have spoken to many people within the company and there is a resounding response of “this is so much better than what we had before.” Once reminded of the way things used to be, it’s abundantly clear to everyone that asking you and your team to help us was a very wise move. So, again, thanks so much to you and your team.

    Chad Greene

    Westboro Photonics

  • As a federal contractor, we needed a secure IT system that also met the practical needs of management, accounting, safety, and logistics. DigiVie Communications delivered the whole package in a professional way that’s also personal and hands-on. From the initial discussions about our needs to regular tech support, CSS is very satisfied with its choice for IT services.

    Allan Duncan

    Canadian Space Services Ltd. & CSS Wind Inc.

  • As a non-profit in social services, our staff depends on DigiVie to assist them in making their systems work as efficiently as possible so they can spend the majority of their time working with our clients rather than grapple with technology issues. DigiVie takes the time to explain solutions in layman’s terms and guide us in the right direction to use the technology we have to help us meet our mandate of child development and helping parents be parents. DigiVie makes IT matter!

    Deborah Lehmann

    Parent Resource Centre

  • One holiday weekend, David spent many, long hours upgrading our server. He stayed late into the evening. I had gone home to prepare my family’s holiday meal. I was so pleased with David and his dedication that I baked him a pie and brought it back to the office to show my thanks [“Best I’ve ever had!” – David]. David has worked with us for over 10 years now. In all this time, we’ve never had a problem with his service and, unlike other IT providers, he is always right here when we need him. David and DigiVie arrange and manage everything regarding our IT and telephony, keeping it seamless and easy for us to use!

    Madeleine Pouliot

    Innovative Financial Group

  • The Zultys phone system provides Gifford Associates a competitive edge in our industry, and the ability to serve our clients faster and more efficiently. The value in the new system was immediately evident, and we knew we made the right decision with Zultys and DigiVie!

    Jim Mahood

    Gifford Associates

  • I worked with Dave, he’s a very very intelligent, thorough and technical person with a keen eye for business and long lasting relationships. I’d recommend DigiVie for your IT day to day and IT related projects.

    Bryan Marks

  • I can’t say enough about how DigiVie Communications took an extremely difficult situation and delivered a quick and professional solution. When technical issues crippled our national conference, DigiVie quite literally came to the rescue. They not only delivered results, but they did it with a calm and professional manner that stabilized a very tense situation which could have easily spiraled out of control.

    Daryl Sharkey

    Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada