Ottawa Telephone Systems

Innovative Financial Group (IFG) is a boutique insurance solutions and wealth management firm that has been providing services in Ottawa for over 35 years. Their current staff of five relies heavily on IT and phones to serve their many clients.

IFG needed a phone system that would help them work more efficiently throughout their organization and with their clients. After considering their options, in 2005, they chose to work with DigiVie and implemented a Zultys Phone System. The result was a huge boost to their productivity.

Seven years later, in 2012, a different telephony provider convinced IFG they could provide a better service and IFG switched to this ‘better’ hosted telephony platform. In a very short time they realized they were sold a “bill of goods” that didn’t even come close to matching what they were promised.

Madeleine Pouliot of IFG quickly called David Lee at DigiVie to help.  DigiVie was asked to restore the previous Zultys system and update it as well. Once completed, the staff was up and running again, and according to Madeleine, simply love their Zultys IP telephony system.

“With DigiVie and the Zultys IP telephony system, we are back to hugely improved functionality and efficiency in our communications. We can instant message other staff members for needed information while we’re speaking with a client. It also ties into our client database, so we can attach call data for future use and click-to-dial a client without even touching the phone! This helps us maintain and track communications, so when asked for information about a call, we can find the data immediately. With DigiVie’s help, we have saved a lot of money on phone services, Internet access, long distance fees, etc. Our costs per user have substantially decreased.”

Along with their telephony needs, DigiVie also upgraded IFG’s computer systems to replace their aging XP and 2003 Small Business Server. The solutions DigiVie implemented include:

  • Zultys MX250 IP-PBX
  • babyTEL ITSP services
  • Dell Latitude laptops and monitors with dual monitor stands
  • Synology DiskStation NAS
  • Fibre-To-The-Node (FTTN) Internet Services

Madeleine went on to say:

“David and DigiVie always go above and beyond the call of duty. One holiday weekend, David spent many, long hours upgrading our server. He stayed late into the evening. I had gone home to prepare my family’s holiday meal. I was so pleased with David and his dedication that I baked him a pie and brought it back to the office to show my thanks [“Best I’ve ever had!” – David]. David has worked with us for over 10 years now. In all this time, we’ve never had a problem with his service and, unlike other IT providers, he is always right here when we need him. David and DigiVie arrange and manage everything regarding our IT and telephony, keeping it seamless and easy for us to use!”

Today, DigiVie continues to maintain IFG’s Zultys phone system to ensure ongoing service and functionality as Zultys is continually improves their systems with regular updates. DigiVie is also working with IFG to improve their cloud services to ensure business continuity. With everything they do, David and the team at DigiVie provide ‘best-in-class’ technology that allows IFG to focus on what they do best — help their clients with their financial needs.

If you’re looking for an IT provider in Ottawa who will always be there when you need them, and who provides ‘best-of-class’ technology for your business, contact DigiVie at (613) 277-2312 or via email at: {email}.