Web-based communication allows you to reach out and have a more interactive dialog with your clients, colleagues and business partners.

Marshall McLuhan (of ‘The Global Village’ fame) believed if you are able to use more senses when you actively communicate, the more the technology in between disappears and the experience becomes that much closer to real, face-to-face interaction.

If you need to communicate more frequently with remote workers, branch offices and clients abroad, web-based voice and video conferencing is an excellent way to accomplish this. Online services such as Webex and GotoMeeting serve this market very well with excellent technology. Except these services cost a lot over time – and you don’t own anything for your investment.

Now you can save the cost of travel and time away from the office (and home) and own your own web conferencing system. DigiVie has a solution for you that surpasses the ‘traditional’ online services, and provides you with your own branded system that can also integrate with your phone systems and computer network.

With your own web conferencing system you can:

  • Interactively present and share content.
    • Whiteboarding / webcams/ record meetings / remote print / transfer files
  • Hold webinars with attendees using any platform – from iPhone to PC.
    • Presentations / training / demos / world-wide meetings
  • Remotely support your staff / colleagues systems – from anywhere!
    • Remote control / reboot / transfer files / remote print / unattended support
  • Remote Access.
    • Office/home computers / monitor remote systems / power-cycling / lock-downs

We Help You Communicate with Web Conferencing Solutions that Work – for You

Stop paying for online services when you can own a system that provides more capabilities – branded to your organization, for less money – in most cases, a LOT less money.

Interested? Call us at (613) 277-2312 or send us an email at info@digivie.com for more information and an online demonstration. This stuff works.