The viability of almost all businesses today hinges on information.

The data that lies inside your computer network is the lifeblood of your organization, and you need to protect it. DigiVie provides and manages data protection on various levels, beginning with your local network through to online, encrypted backups, ensuring your data is accessibly and retrievable in the event of disaster.

DigiVie Provides Multiple Ways to Protect Your Data

  • inTouch Backup
    • Offsite backup service for critical data.
      • Automatic offsite, secure storage of data with 24/7 availability
      • Includes assistance with disaster recovery planning
      • Data accessible from anywhere
  • Local server backup management
    • Onsite backup to portable media (portable hard drives)
      • Rotation schedule created for taking media offsite
      • Data archiving
      • Server recovery options
  • Data Replication
    • Replicate data between branch offices
  • Windows Shadow Copy (included with Microsoft Servers)
    • Snapshots of drives taken automatically
      • Immediate recovery of corrupted/overwritten/deleted files.

Disaster Recovery Planning

  •  DigiVie helps you plan for surviving the worst – with the hope you never need to use your plan. We also partner with 3rdparty DR specialists, if you want extra insurance.
  • There are 3 major areas to consider:
    • Know your data
      • What’s important, where is it, is it protected, and how do you get it?
    • Plan your communications
      • Internally, and with your clients
    • Manage your people
      • Keep your business operating

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Ultimately, your data and your business operations are your responsibility. DigiVie can help you make a good plan and execute on that plan when and if it becomes necessary. Your data is critical, and it needs to be treated as such. Let us help you get to a comfortable place.

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