The Standard for Modern Voice Technology Service

‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) has become a ‘de facto’ standard for individuals communicating world-wide. ‘Free’ (advertising-based) VoIP services are popular, mostly because they do not cost a lot, but there are severe limitations to ‘free’ VoIP services when it comes to business. Business-class VoIP takes the technology to a much higher level of quality and reliability, allowing your business to realistically replace traditional phone services with a technology that is truly business-class in reliability, quality, and flexibility. DigiVie partners with the best Canadian-based Internet Telephone Service Providers (ITSP’s), ensuring enterprise-class voice services for your business.

With traditional phone services, you are stuck paying high monthly bills for phone lines that have not advanced in a technological sense since Bell made that first call to Watson. You can put an end to high phone bills and poor quality connections with business-class VoIP today. As a fully digital technology, VoIP allows small & medium business and non-profits to have phone services that only used to be affordable for large enterprises paying thousands of dollars every month for the old-style T1 and ISDN lines (also known as “I Still Don’t Need it” among budget-conscious business owners).

DigiVie has the experience, tools, and expertise necessary to make your telephone services work the best it possibly can, ensuring high-quality voice and video services helping you communicate more effectively within your offices, across the street – even world-wide.

Our VoIP Services Are Designed to be Secure and Reliable for Optimal Communications

At DigiVie, we understand the importance of secure and reliable communication methods. Our VoIP services are designed to offer a high level of security and reliability, with features formerly reserved only for large enterprises, including:

  • Instant answer – Stop waiting for 2 rings on analog lines just to get called-ID!
  • Virtual phone numbers and have local phone numbers anywhere which can be provisioned in minutes.
  • Route calls to different auto-attendant extensions, fax machines, personal hotlines, or even different business practices under the same roof!
  • Improved call-quality and voice-quality – VoIP is pure digital; voice quality improves drastically!

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