DigiVie offers proactive maintenance, as well as disruption avoidance & server restoration, to ensure your server is updated and running smoothly at all times. Ultimately, inTouch Server is extremely important to keep your server updated and running so your computer network can operate efficiently without disruption or downtime. To learn more about inTouch Server, give us a call at {phone} or send us an email at {email}.

What happens when you neglect to maintain your server appropriately? In some cases, your network can undergo partial or total failure, which leads to severe financial and customer confidence losses. DigiVie’s inTouch Server keeps your computer network in reliable and optimal condition through proactive maintenance and disruption avoidance & server restoration.

Proactive Maintenance

Our proactive maintenance plan enables you to rest assured knowing small errors and warning signs will be addressed before they turn into big problems that can result in outages, downtime, loss of productivity, and corruption of data.

What does proactive maintenance include? Aside from peace of mind, proactive maintenance includes:

  • Full-time monitoring of hardware and operating systems, including errors, warnings, and informational alerts concerning:
    • Applications and databases running on server(s)
    • Operating system, services, and server(s) hardware
    • System and network security and intrusion detection
    • Server disk space, utilization, and health of server(s)
    • Print queues, terminal server sessions, mail queues, bad mail, etc.
    • Memory usage and virtual memory utilization
    • Processor utilization and performance
  • Daily review of backup log
  • Weekly confirmation that anti-virus program(s) are updating on server(s)
  • Monthly maintenance including pertinent server packs, security updates, and patches
    •  Normally 2 weeks post Microsoft’s ‘patch Tuesdays’
  • Business disruption avoidance and server recovery
  • inTouch Vendors  
    • Vendor Liaison (up to 1 hour/vendor/month included, subject to DigiVie approval)
    • Interact with hardware, software, and service vendors on behalf of your organization to ensure proposals, pricing, and work performed are accurate and satisfactory
    • E.g. ISP’s, printer companies, and select Line of Business applications
    • Letter of Agency will be proved where necessary

With DigiVie’s proactive maintenance, your business’ critical hardware and software will be able to serve you for a longer time! You can expect the following deliverables:

  • End-point anti-virus on all Windows-based servers as required
  • Monthly Executive Summary reports emailed to key contacts
    • Additional reports available upon request
  • Business review meetings with your key DigiVie personnel
    • Scheduled 2-4 times per year

Disruption Avoidance & Server Restoration

What’s more important than performing regular backups? The answer is simple: ensuring backups are available when it’s time to recover a critical file! Our disruption avoidance & server restoration covers all the bases, including:

  • Review of server “Backup Calendar”
  • Semi-annual restore from randomly selected backup media of:
    • Exchange Mailbox (assumes Microsoft Exchange Server)
    • Selected files and folders
    • Mission critical application database (if applicable)
  • Semi-annual analysis of integrity of all backup media
  • Monitoring of backup hardware health
  • Quarterly test of UPS (battery backup) shut down procedure & battery life time
  • Semi-annual test of RAID functionality and rebuild procedures
  • Restoration of your server & data from available backups in case of failure (not included in case of lost/stolen/damaged server – acts of God, etc.)
    • Optional: full server restore from backup media
    • Restore to different hardware (“bare-metal restore) on request – additional fee

This service allows complete confidence that your backup operations are effective and reliable when required.

“A Backup is Only as Reliable as the Last Restore Attempt!”

In the unlikely event of a system crash while on “Proactive Maintenance” with inTouch Services, your server’s data will have the best opportunity to be restored completely to a state prior to the crash. You can expect the following deliverables:

  • Monthly Executive Summary reports emailed to key contacts
    • Additional reports available upon request
  • Business review meetings with your key DigiVie personnel
    • Scheduled 2-4 times per year

For all of your server maintenance and restoration needs, contact DigiVie to learn more about inTouch Server.