If all of your critical files were lost or stolen, would your business survive? Data is the life-blood of the vast majority of organizations. If you don’t have a reliable backup and disaster recovery plan in place, a natural disaster, database corruption, or hardware failure could result in permanent data loss. DigiVie’s inTouch Backup includes 3 levels of backup to protect your data, as well as disaster recovery planning, to ensure your critical data is safely backed up locally and off-site for restoration when and/or if necessary. To learn more about inTouch Backup, give us a call at {phone} or send us an email at {email}.

The more quickly data can be accessed and restored, the smaller the impact of a disaster. At DigiVie, we take data protection seriously. Our 3 levels of backup include:

inTouch Backup: Offsite backup service for critical data

  • Automatic offsite, secure storage of data with 24/7 availability
  • Includes Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Accessible anywhere 24/7

Local Backup: (included with inTouch Server) Onsite backup to portable media (cartridges/drives)

  • Rotation schedule created for taking media offsite
  • Data archiving
  • Server recovery options

Windows Shadow Copy: (included with Microsoft Servers) Snapshots of drives taken automatically

  • Immediate recovery of corrupted/overwritten/deleted files

Unfortunately, disasters tend to occur unexpectedly; something as simple as a computer crash or malware infection can corrupt your data. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to permanent data loss. DigiVie can keep your data backed up and recoverable to minimize the impact of a disaster. You can expect the following deliverables:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning assistance
  • DigiVie will provide a template for you to document your disaster recovery plan
  • Testing
  • Sample of documents/files are restored and verified on a quarterly schedule
  • Web-based Data Access
  • Data can be accessed, downloaded, and restored at any time, from any location
  • Security
  • Data is encrypted before being backed up offsite using ‘variable bit’
  • Compression
  • Data is compressed at the client server before using any bandwidth to upload data
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Offsite backups are scheduled around business needs to ensure bandwidth is available when necessary.

As mentioned above, DigiVie’s inTouch Backup includes disaster recovery planning. We provide a disaster recovery template to help you create a reliable, secure plan. We also ensure your backup service includes security, monitoring, and support to keep you protected at all times.

For all of your backup and disaster recovery needs, contact DigiVie to learn more about inTouch Backup.