Canada TechnologyWhat does innovation mean to you? For most, innovation is the combination of potential and creativity; it’s a method of solving problems, seizing new opportunities, and achieving higher standards of operating and living in today’s modern business marketplace. Ultimately, innovation is necessary for businesses looking to thrive and succeed.

Would you consider your business to be innovative? While your business might be more innovative than others, a lot of businesses are quickly falling behind. In fact, Canadian businesses in particular seem to lag in innovation for digital technology when compared to their European counterparts.

Digital technology plays a critical role in boosting competitiveness, economic growth, and job creation in Europe. How? Well, there’s a proven track record for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as significant adoption of digital technologies by European consumers and businesses.

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In all honesty, Canadian businesses have fallen behind the curve and there’s no time to waste. While other countries stay at the forefront of digital technologies; embracing the latest and greatest solutions to drive growth, reduce costs and transform operational practices – we’ve stopped investing in this vital area that supports long-tern competitiveness.

Still not convinced? Try to think of a single consumer-focused tech company that’s made a big impact! BlackBerry? Think again, they’ve quickly faded into the background as other tech companies release more innovative products and services. Ultimately, we’re behind on adopting and innovating in terms of digital technologies.

Unfortunately, the global economy heavily depends on digital technology– from mobile apps to cloud platforms, there’s a lot of potential to boost competitive advantage; however, Canadian businesses in the public and private sectors must adopt and innovate to stay competitive.

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