Digivie provides the right solutions for all of your employees including your teleworkers. The key to that is a combination of security, technology, and support. The annual survey last year by the Society for Human Resource Management found a greater increase in the number of companies planning to offer telecommuting in 2014 than those […]

On average, the typical employee loses approximately 2.1 hours of productivity each day due to interactions and disruptions. According to research studies, constant email alerts interrupt workflow and decrease levels of productivity and creativity. And, the same can be said for instant messages and cell phones, which divide workers’ attentions between the endless notifications and […]

Let Digivie Help You Stay Safe Against Internal and External Attacks! The number of cyber attacks aimed at businesses of any size grows exponentially every year. In fact, hundreds of thousands of small businesses lose vital information each and every day – and more often than not, those small businesses end up riddled in debt […]

You probably have a locked trash shredder in your office for those files that need to be kept for your eyes only. Your employees take faxes or documents with your sensitive corporate data, feed them into the locked shredder, and eventually call a specialized company to properly dispose of the contents. It’s safe, it’s clean, […]

Your role as a business leader, whether you’re the CEO or President of the company, has some unique focus areas. These unique focus areas include concentrating on and ensuring the implementation of a strategic technology plan in a way that helps you achieve business goals and objectives. Here are the top 4 technology questions some […]

Windows 10 Promises To Be Something Awesome…Will your company make the switch? Many companies became a bit skittish about using Windows after the problems encountered with Windows 8 and subsequent design overhauls. Sales suffered because some corporate users weren’t pleased, and sought alternatives. Other users were even less happy when Microsoft ceased supporting Windows XP, […]

Every business owner has seen the recent big name hacks of the U.S. Government, banks, and large retail companies. But many smaller start-up companies seem to be of the mindset that they are too small for a hacker to bother with them, and don’t take security to the level they need to protect their business. […]

Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re stumped about what to buy, then think tech! Everyone loves gadgets, so why not get him that new tech toy that’s both practical and fun to use? There are plenty of choices out there and something for just about every budget – from as low as […]

4 Questions to Ask Prospective Managed IT Service Companies Choosing a managed service provider (MSP) isn’t easy. You’ve got a few options to choose from, and they’re all making the same promises. They all say they’re responsive, proactive, cost-cutting, productivity-boosting… and there are indeed MSPs that are out there and can honestly claim those glowing […]

Syntax reports those who move apps to the cloud save 21% per year! Every business today needs to have confidence in their technology. The bottom line is that cloud computing is essential for any company which relies on technology to function efficiently and wants to stay ahead of their competition. Cloud services have been around […]