Is anything in business static? Not really, no. Technology changes and as it does your approach to doing business must change with it. What are the five fastest-moving digital areas that affect how you do business?

Digital Wave

1. The Constant Change of the Mobile Marketplace

Imagine if 80 percent of Facebook ads were mobile-oriented? You don’t have to imagine. Only 20 percent of the ad revenue brought in by Facebook is not mobile-related. The mega social media platform also saw a 52 percent growth in revenue and a 123 percent growth in bottom line profits. This, thanks to technology.

The mobile marketplace is in constant flux. Anything that is static is old and outdated. The questions for small- and medium-sized businesses is:

  • How effective are your online tools?
  • Is your website utilizing fresh technology?
  • Are your ads performing positively?
  • Do you have an eCommerce store that plays nice with the mobile marketplace?
  • Are you using the best tools?

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a good example of a fresh technological tool. Its design empowers you from any angle, location, and through any project. Is this a tool your business could use?

2. The Internet of Things – Hyperconnectivity at its best

The Internet of Things is a complex beast. It uses hyperconnectivity to connect gadgets to data gathering stations. In short, it allows machines to improve themselves, to redesign themselves, and to show you where problems will occur not just for today, but tomorrow too. Yes, you can solve problems before they occur. The Internet of Things allows for increased automation of mundane chores. Can you automate that? Can your processes self-analyze and improve themselves? Can you collect data seamlessly so that each decision you make is in real time using current data? Yes. Yes, you can.

How cool would it be never to have to enter data again? Technology is amazing and it brings with it a very real and amazing amount of opportunity.

3. Automation of Administration and Office Functions

Automation of administration and office functions is very real. What could be a better boon to small- and medium-sized businesses where labor is paid for in blood and sweat. What if you can cut labor costs and refocus that windfall into an investment that boosts product production, product development, and offered an increase in customer satisfaction? You can. Office automation is not new. Is this a tool that your business could use? Are you using automation to your advantage? It is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, there are tools that make the entire process fairly easy.

4. Cloud Technology and Mobile

Do you understand the power of cloud technology? Can you utilize the power of data access, customer contact, product development and sales from anyplace with an internet connection? You can and you should. Simple tools that empower, promote and sell should be the focus of small- and medium-sized businesses especially in competitive markets.

Cloud allows you to be mobile. Cloud is not something new, but as it evolves it presents new opportunity. Imagine how smartphones and Gmail have changed the world. That is cloud technology right there. Office 365 takes that concept to the edge of emerging technology. Can you put the power of the cloud to work for your business? Yes, you can.

Big Data and Real Time Solutions

Big Data is real. When your product design helps you improve product efficiency, customer satisfaction, and gains in market share, you win. Are you using Big Data to your advantage? Combined with automation and the Internet of Things, you gain efficiency, lower costs, and you do more with less.

Big data sounds frightening. It does not have to be. It just requires understanding and the drive to succeed. You can put Big Data to work for your business and drive sales, please customers, and develop new products and services without the big budget.

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