A major factor in keeping your office running smoothly is ensuring that communication between employees and customers is at its absolute most efficient. The business phone service used in your office is the driving force behind keeping employees connected and collaborating effectively. With the changing landscape of business today, many companies find themselves having to juggle several phone plans, including in-office services and multiple mobile phone contracts.

Zultys VoIP Service And DigiVie Is Your Best Solution

Zultys VoIP service changes the way your company communicates and makes collaboration between employees seamless regardless of their geographical location. Whether you’re working out of the same office or across the country, VoIP communication services offer a wide array of features to keep you connected and help your business thrive.

Unified Messaging

Zultys has brought the most important means of communication in your office into one easy and effective service. Voice calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, and data sharing are all provided in one simple experience. Whether you’re receiving a voicemail or important company data, Zultys VoIP service will store your information in one spot for easy access and provide top-of-the-line security so that you know your private company information is being protected.

Improved Mobility

Today’s offices look considerably different than they did even a few years ago. Employees and clients are rarely all stationed in the same area, and it can be a challenge to keep up communications in multiple areas. With Zultys VoIP services, your workers can roam between sites and continue to receive calls on their extension or phone number.

Reduced Costs

Zultys VoIP service runs through your existing internet connection meaning that you won’t have to worry about installing new phone lines or dealing with extra charges incurred when dealing with phone companies. Your phone service will run through the cloud and be monitored by your IT department. This will result in reduced risk of downtime and cut costs.

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