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Does it seem like your system is running at its best right now? Are you happy with your service and hoping that it will continue on as is? If you’re running on Windows 2003 Servers and your Ottawa tech company hasn’t talked to you about Microsoft’s end of support for the system, you might be in trouble. There’s not much time before the changeover happens, and you need a unique and specially-crafted plan to transfer to a new system.

So what hasn’t your Ottawa tech company been telling you that you need to know?

Your System Will Be Affected

  • Security exposures without fixes and outdated software will become issues if you continue using Windows 2003 Sever after support had ended.
  • Third party applications and products that you use with Windows 2003 Server will likely no longer be supported, putting your network at even greater risk of issues. Plus, you’ll be left with insufficient hardware.

No Two Systems are Exactly Alike

  • Keep this in mind when you’re getting ready to upgrade – deciding on an approach can be difficult and will be dependent on your specific IT environment. We’ll help you navigate what can be a tough transition.
  • We assess the risks and move forward with your unique environment in mind to help create a plan to mitigate from Windows 2003 Sever.

Time is Running Out

  • You need to act fast, and that’s why your tech company should be talking to you about this now. Microsoft will end support for Windows 2003 Server on July 14th, 2015.

With the right Ottawa tech company on your side, the upcoming transition can be smooth.

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