Selecting The Right IT Support Company Is Crucial To Your Success.

Ask The Right Questions Before Signing That IT Services Agreement.

When it comes to looking out for your company, you likely know what it is you need – but you might not know how to ask for it. IT support companies will try to weasel out of giving you information that they think you don’t need, and in turn get away with doing as little work as possible while still getting you into a contract. Knowing the right questions to ask will ensure that all of your bases are covered, and you’ll never have to worry if you’re making the right decision when it comes to choosing service in Canada’s capital city.

  • What Industries have You Worked with In The Past?

You know by now that no two companies are exactly alike, so your services should be unique too. A good way to determine if a support company is prepared to handle your needs is to find out if they’ve provided support for businesses in your industry before.

  • How big is your company?

Larger companies often have access to more tools, applications, and wider knowledge bases – but a smaller support team may place you higher up on their priority list. Figure out the size of the company you’re talking to and how that measures up with your needs.

  • Do you offer a guaranteed response time?

It’s crucial to know that your IT support company is going to spring into action as soon as they discover an issue. A guaranteed response time means you’re never left wondering.

  • Do you Catch and Resolve Issues before they Lead to Downtime?

Likewise, knowing that your system is always being monitored and your team is on the lookout for issues before they cause downtime is just as important.

  • What Areas do You Cover?

Are you hearing all the right answers so far? This is a precaution – make sure you know the areas your support team covers, so if part of your business plan ever involves expanding or moving, you’re not left out in the cold.

  • What Isn’t Covered in our Support Contract?

Again, this is a great cautionary question to ask when it seems like you’re hearing the answers you want. Find out what upgrades, applications, or hardware that may be integral to your business aren’t covered in the contract you’re about to sign – and how much extra they’re going to cost. If many applications or security features are being left out, you may be getting ripped off.

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