Over half of today’s organizations STILL don’t have a backup solution that protects their data, keeps their reputation intact, and allows employees to feel secure about the future.

April Fools Day

April Fools Day is just around the corner, a time for jokesters to fool around and trick you into falling on your face. But not all jokes are harmless. April Fools is also a prime time for cybercriminals with a dark sense of humor to try to exploit your business and watch you squirm as you try to recover.

This is one joke you want to already know the punchline for!

Make sure your business won’t be caught with its pants down by preparing yourself with a complete data backup system from {company}. We help you prepare to recover after any disaster, natural or manmade, with easy-to-use comprehensive backups for ALL your important data. Contact us at {phone} or {email} to learn more.

One of the biggest cyber threats affecting businesses today is a kind of malware called ransomware. Many users accidentally download ransomware from an email claiming to be from the IRS (something else to watch out for around April Fools!) or from a website disguised to look like a software vendor. You download it, and BAM! All your important files are encrypted and locked down, and all you’re left with is a single message:


Not a very funny joke.

If you’re not prepared with data backups in place, you can either pay the ransom or kiss your data goodbye. That’s just one reason to be prepared with a total backup solution from {company}:

  • All important data backed up onsite AND in the cloud
  • Quick restoration of files at the click of a button
  • Backups taken regularly throughout the day
  • The ability to restore backups on any Internet-connected computer

You’ll be the one laughing on April Fools so long as you have the right precautions in place. Contact {company} at {phone} or {email} to learn more about our complete Backup and Recovery solution!