Facebook VirusAttention all Facebook users! As enticing as changing the colour of your profile page sounds, be aware: The new Facebook app that is claiming it can change the colour of your profile page, is really a virus.

Big shocker there right? Well, according to a Cheetah Mobile Security blog post, more than 10,000 people around the world were fooled into downloading the malware.

For future reference, and to any Facebook users that are worried they might be affected by this scam, read on to learn how this virus is executed and how it can be removed.

Execution of Facebook App Virus

  1. The Facebook colour changer app claims it can change the colour on the layout of your profile page.
  2. When you click the app, it instead takes you to a phishing website that asks you to watch a tutorial video.
  3. Once you agree to watch the video, the hackers will have gained access to your profile, and are then enabled to spam all your friends.

If you don’t agree to watch the video

  1. The app will send PC users to a site that tries to download a pornography video player on their computer.
  2. Smartphone users that choose not to watch the video are given a warning that their phone is infected with a virus. It then advises them to download an antivirus app. Both of which are actually infected with malware as well.

Good News! This Malicious Application is Easy to Eliminate

  1. If you accessed the colour changer app, just go to your Facebook application settings page.
  2. Find the app, and delete it.

Although, ridding yourself of this malicious virus is simple, it is likely more difficult if you’ve been infected by other means. So, let this be a lesson to Facebook users – to exercise caution when an enticing application is brought to your attention.  Not all that glitters is gold!

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