A major update came from Google this week – its mobile search algorithm has changed the way websites are ranked when users make searches from their phones.

Google Search

Now, the algorithm will favor mobile-friendly websites. What does that encompass?

  • Large text
  • Easy-to-click links
  • Sites that resize to fit whatever screen they’re viewed on

This means a major rearrangement – and downgrade – in ranking for many websites. Small businesses are generally at a bigger disadvantage because they have a higher likelihood of not being aware of the update, or not having the resources to fix their websites. Generally, businesses can be broken down into 4 groups right now.

Didn’t Know the Change was Coming

Many businesses are totally unprepared for the update. They didn’t know it was coming and therefor will likely suffer a major downgrade in terms of search engine visibility. Some are lucky enough to already have mobile-friendly websites.

Knew the Change was Coming; Wasn’t Prepared

Some business owners knew the change was coming but simply didn’t have the time, money, or know-how to improve their websites. Many businesses spent sufficient time making sure their sites were compatible with both desktop and mobile views, but never prepared for mobile features to take dominance or dictate views on devices.

Knew the Change was Coming; Scrambled to Get Ready

Several dropped everything to make the switch. Mobile visibility is huge, especially when it comes to sales or brand awareness, so your business can’t afford to fall behind. A number of businesses made it a last-minute priority to prepare their websites as soon as they got word of the update.

Didn’t Know the Change was Coming; Ready Anyway

Many business owners say, quite simply, that they saw this coming a mile away. Mobile devices have been on the rise, so have their importance to sales and advertising, so several companies have been ready for a while. They optimized their mobile sites in advance knowing that it would give them a head-up on other businesses who didn’t prepare their sites for mobile use.

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