Which Cyber Mafia Group Is About To Pay Your Company A Visit?

Today’s coin-flipping, cyber hacking thugs, do not need to stroll into your business, with two six-foot-tall, square jawed, bouncer-looking types in tow. The days of the wise-guy looking over their shoulder, to see if they are being watched, as they work you over, are a thing of the past… and cybersecurity is of the utmost importance!

This crook has upped his game, taking it to the next level. They’ve traded in the back alleys, the brass knuckles and flashy appearance with a cloaked hoodie, computer monitor and a wireless keyboard. But make no mistake, faceless Hackers will pay your company a visit. Not if, but when.

Their Cyber threats are not meant to break your bones, fractured your jaw or fit you for a pair of cement shoes. These dark web criminals will call, text, use a pop-up, or email you with a subtle sinister insistence, “If you want your files back, you will pay or else!”

  • Has a new era of cybercriminal “syndicates” or “gangs” formed?
  • Are these hackers ready to push the button and download all your files?
  • Is this Cyber Mafia more dangerous to your business than the news is reporting?
  • Do these criminals sell your information to the highest bidder on the Dark Web?
  • Will these cyber hackers leave your business destitute, destroying what you have built?
  • Are we suggesting there is a greater threat, today, against you and your business?

The Answer To All Six Questions Is, “YES!”

Suddenly learning about a real global cyber mafia threat and this phenomenon unfolding to take control of your business, through your company’s IT system, would give anyone cause for great concern. We would not be surprised if this revelation scared, confused and intimidated you a little bit.

But your business’s intelligence, your client’s information, and your personal data is highly sensitive material. In the wrong hands, it would wipe you out, destroy your business and ruin your reputation. At DigiVie, your Cyber Security Specialists, we share your deep concerns and understand the importance of aggressively securing your IT network against any, and all hostile outside intrusions.

How Deep Is The Cybersecurity Threat Against My Business?

A question often asked is, “How deep is the threat against my business?” To answer that, you must first get to know whom it is you are up against. There are four Cyber Mafia groups and the crimes they are known to commit:

  1. State-Sponsored Attackers – International espionage, corporate theft, sabotage
  2. Ideological Hackers – Collecting and leaking classified information to coerce governments and individuals
  3. Traditional Gangs – Organized crime, leading drug cartels, structured, they follow the money
  4. Hackers-For-Hire – Dark Web, Hacking, Spamming, DDoS attacks, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware

Looking at the above list, which army of criminals will come for your business? Remember, not if, but when will these well-trained data thieves pay your business a visit? If your business is using outdated or shared passwords to protect your critical data, know this:

Cyber Mafias continually hone and sharpen their, knocking off servers, business erasing, skills. Call us at (613) 277-2312 or email us at info@digivie.com to get protected today!