DigiVie, a leading IT support company and business VoIP provider in Ottawa, ON, will be attending IT Nation on November 12th – 14th in Orlando, FL for the sixth time in a row! We look forward to learning best practices and industry trends, in order to better serve our clients.

IT Nation: What’s It All About & Why Does Our Team of IT Experts Attend Every Year?

IT Nation is the premier conference for over 2,500 technology solution providers, business owners, managers, sales and marketing professionals, accountants, and technicians to learn about best practices and industry trends, as well as network with some key industry leaders.

The conference offers some key highlights for attendees to enjoy:

  • Over 100 sessions to receive in-depth product training from industry experts.
  • Various inspirational keynotes regarding best practices.
  • Receptions, parties, and events to network and connect with staff/vendors.

David Lee, President at DigiVie, explained, “It’s a really great event. The one event we haven’t missed in 6 years! I find it’s hugely important for us to network with our peers in the industry to learn how to provide better and more effective, more valuable services for our clients.

So what makes IT Nation so important for our team of IT experts to attend? Here’s a few reasons we refuse to miss out:

  • Networking with leading service providers: We’re able to meet and network with leading service providers – learning about their own best practices, methods, and processes for providing IT services.
  • Learning about the top vendors in the industry: We’re able to learn about over 75 top vendors in the IT industry – those offering the most innovative technology solutions and services.
  • Improving our business through others experience: We’re able to speak with other service providers and learn from their experience, ultimately improving our own business in the process.

David discussed some best practices he’s learned over the years, “If you’re dealing with an IT support company who sits at home and doesn’t try to learn and find the best practices, they’re basically guessing! I have some basic rules. First and foremost: no guessing what our clients want! When we’re not sure, we try to ask relevant questions so we can mutually discover solutions that make sense to everyone.

He continued, “I have another important rule: slow down for yellow lights. If something doesn’t make sense, we stop and ask why instead of trying to just speed past the issue and pretend everything is perfect. We’re always looking for the right solution in our clients’ best interest. Sometimes that means doing nothing, because an issue isn’t worth fixing, or there really isn’t an issue at all! And we’ll only know that if we ask good questions, in our clients’ best interest – because that is our best interest too. In the end, it’s about being a business partner rather than simply a service provider.”

Interested in learning more about IT Nation and how our attendance can benefit your business? Give us a call at 613.277.2312 or send us an email at {email}. DigiVie is the leading IT support company and business VoIP provider for businesses throughout the Ottawa-Gatineau region.