Imagine going into the office to find that your IT systems have been hacked: confidential information has been compromised, personal files are posted on the Internet, and PCs are performing extremely slowly. Now this might sound a bit exaggerated, but if you fail to ensure proper IT security, this could easily become reality. DigiVie’s inTouch Security offers firewalls, end-point anti-virus & content filtering, as well as multi-factor authentication to secure all aspects of your IT infrastructure.

While cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, business owners must ensure security measures are in place to prevent outside intrusions and malicious attacks. DigiVie’s inTouch Security protects your IT systems so you can focus on your business!

Firewalls, End-Point Anti-Virus & Content Filtering

Our firewalls, end-point anti-virus & content filtering protects your business against various security threats, in order to keep your IT systems secure and reliable at all times. This service includes:

  • Minimum requirement is a DigiVie-installed and managed Firewall to provide enterprise level security and protection against outside intrusions
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Anti-Virus for all domain-joined Windows computers


  • Secure Wireless Networking
  • Web-based content & control (appliances)
  • Appliance-based control, prioritization, and reporting on user and application-specific bandwidth usage

Your business depends on your IT systems to communicate, as well as access and deliver important information. DigiVie’s firewalls, end-point anti-virus, and content filtering keeps your IT systems up and running in a secure and reliable manner, in order to help you operate efficiently. You can expect the following deliverables:

  • Monthly Executive Summary reports emailed to key contacts

o   Additional reports available upon request

  • Business review meetings with your key DigiVie personnel

o   Scheduled 2-4 times per year

At DigiVie, we keep an eye out for usage patterns that may be affecting overall network performance. In addition, content filtering enables you to control what’s allowed to be viewed on the Internet.

Identity Assurance (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Still using passwords to protect your important corporate data? DigiVie can help you enhance password security and protect your business using multi-factor authentication. We’d like to introduce you to AuthAnvil: the first strong multi-factor authentication system designed for small businesses!

AuthAnvil allows you to reduce the risks of remote access to corporate systems and data while verifying the identity of users who connect to the office. Multi-factor authentication requires users to log in with two of the three following methods:

  1. Something they know: their username and password
  2. Something they have: a physical device such as a token or some type of key
  3. Something they are: a fingerprint, iris scan, etc.

Looking to Reduce the Risk of Weak Passwords? AuthAnvil Can Help You Out!

AuthAnvil can help you protect various remote access points, including those from Terminal Services, Outlook Web Access, Remote Web Workplace, VPN, and even SharePoint. It’s simple and reliable! If an unauthorized user attempts to steal or guess a password, it will be useless to them. This reduces the risk of weak password security. And the best part is, this service is available at an affordable price!

For all of your security needs, contact DigiVie to learn more about inTouch Security.