DigiVie offers inTouch Sync to help you address your complex file sharing and collaboration requirements! While other file sharing and collaboration solutions offer the ability to access and share information, inTouch Sync also offers control and visibility into your users and data. To learn more, give us a call at {phone} or send us an email at {email}.

inTouch Sync offers the ability to quickly search for and retrieve information through the elegant web-based user interface, in order to save you time and hassle during the workday. And all of your information is synchronized between computers and mobile devices, which allows you to access and share information at the office or on the go!

Tired of Searching Endlessly for Important Information? inTouch Sync Lets You Retrieve Information Instantly!

As a business owner, you’re fairly busy; you don’t have the time to search through various programs for information. inTouch Sync lets you retrieve all of your important information instantly! In addition, there are diverse functionalities, such as content aggregation from multiple sources, to search content and team collaboration with permission-based file access.

So how does inTouch Sync benefit you and your staff members? Here’s a few examples:

Online Content Repository

  • Full text indexed search on all business content
  • Preserve and restore from all previous versions of business files
  • List, view, rename, share, download, and delete files
  • Create text and illustrative notes with an intuitive editor

Effective sharing & collaboration

  • Share files instantly with users and clients through encrypted links
  • Promotes team work, maximizes productivity, and improves group interactivity
  • Better alternative to emails, FTP, network share drives, and flash drives
  • Secure folder based collaboration with defined user level access permissions

Dynamic File Synchronization

  • Instant file/folder synchronization with all workstations and mobile phones
  • Fast and incremental uploads by syncing only delta changes
  • Offline changes are automatically synced when offline
  • Conflict-free sync resolution to handle simultaneous multi-user file editing

Universal Content Access

  • Clients for PC and Mac and web browsers
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android based phones & tablets
  • Sharing, downloading, and offline viewing of files with mobile devices
  • Device independent and format-friendly mobile web solution

App Integrations

  • One-time user authorization for simple integration with content providers
  • Configurable fetching of Google/Google Apps content by type of document and collection name
  • Restore any Google/Google Apps emails and docs deleted by user
  • Support for Social Media and RSS feed integrations

For all of your file sharing and collaboration needs, contact DigiVie today!