A Funeral for Flash

Flash Funeral

It should be safe to say that Adobe’s Flash Player has certainly run its course. But why is it still running? This flawed technology’s time has been over for years. More and more users are becoming wary of its exploits and the damage the lack of proper security measures available can cause.

The government and cybercriminals have been riding the wave, easily being able to infiltrate into your privacy and databases through Flash’s vulnerabilities. More and more major websites have been dropping the use of Flash; it is no longer necessary for video or web content.

You should drop it too, and if you haven’t already, you could be at risk.

The competence and concern for security through Flash has been greatly questioned as hundreds of vulnerabilities have been discovered. Although they have tried to beef-up security, after only a month, its security had been compromised.

Your business needs technology that is going to evolve along with it. Security is what keeps your secrets locked away and your business successful. Not only this, but it also builds trust between you and your customers.

Flash isn’t designed to run well on tablets and phones, so with your workforce becoming increasingly mobile, this just won’t do. It isn’t practical anymore, nor does it acknowledge or embrace the security your business needs to stay up-and-running.

So speed up the funeral and disable your Flash:

  1. Chrome: Navigate to chrome://plugins/ and click Disable under Adobe Flash Player.
  2. Firefox: Navigate to Settings menu, click Add-ons then Plugins and choose Never Activate.
  3. Edge: Navigate to the Menu, select Settings, View Advanced Settings. Turn off the Adobe Flash Player.
  4. Internet Explorer: Click the gear icon in the corner, select manage add-ons, the show box and select All add-ons. Highlight the Shockwave Flash icon and click

Not only will this create a faster and more secure network, but it will cut down the ads. Keep your company safe from hackers and malware, evolve your business, and leave Flash where it belongs: in the past.

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