BusinessA business can’t run effectively without proper communication between employees, and the business telephone system used throughout your office is a huge part of keeping workers connected. Many businesses find themselves juggling multiple phone plans, from in-office services to several mobile phone plans. The costs, then, can grow exponentially as time goes on.

A New, Easier Way to Communicate

Innovative phone systems, like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems, are making the way offices communicate and do business much easier. Zultys is a manufacturer of VoIP systems designed to make the day-to-day communications within an office more affordable and efficient for employees.

Before choosing a business telephone system, here are 5 important facts you NEED to know:

  • VoIP Reduces Long-Distance Costs

Zultys VoIP runs through your existing broadband network, meaning you’ll never have to worry about installing new phone lines or dealing with annoying extra charges typically incurred when dealing with phone companies. Your phone service will run through the cloud and be monitored by your IT department, resulting in reduced risk of downtime and lowered costs.

  • Conference Calling Improves Collaboration

Setting up free and easy conference calls with staff is a simple way to check in and get work done without any real hassle. Zultys VoIP provides the tools to help employees collaborate easily and effectively regardless of their location.

  • Call Recording Eliminates Hassle

Discussing something important over the phone? No need to take messy notes. Zultys VoIP system offers a calling recording program, meaning any conversation you have can be logged and used later for reference.

  • Unified Voice and Fax Messaging Gives More Flexibility

Zultys VoIP integrates a number of electronic messaging technologies into one easy and effective system. Whether you’re receiving a voicemail or fax message, your VoIP service will store your messages in one spot for easy access and provide stellar security so that you know your private company information is always being protected.

  • Remote Workers Need Mobility

Today’s modern office looks very different than it may have even just 5 years ago. Employees aren’t always stationed in the same place and it can be challenging to keep in contact with staff at all times. With Zultys VoIP, you won’t have to worry about phone service in different locations. Workers can roam between sites and continue to receive calls on their extension or phone number through advanced hot-desking.

Zultys VoIP makes collaborating with employees easier and more cost-effective than ever. If you’re considering installing a new business telephone system, don’t bother dealing with expansive and untrustworthy phone companies.
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