So you’re interested in streamlining operations while meeting business and customer demands? Zultys’ unified communication systems will help you meet all of your needs and achieve all of your goals. An “all in one” system combines voice calling, instant messaging, presence, faxing, and much more into a single collaborative solution. If you’re looking to reduce costs and increase collaboration, give us a call at 613.277.2312 or send us an email at to learn more.

Zultys’ VoIP phone systems are designed to help you connect all of your employees for optimal collaboration and communication. At DigiVie, we truly enjoy helping you achieve the following benefits with Zultys phone systems:

  • Get enterprise-level functionality at an SMB price.
  • Let your employees quickly find the best way to reach people they need to speak with.
  • Win more opportunities and create happy customers.
  • Manage voicemails more effectively with your computer.
  • Use electronic faxing and eliminate your fax machine, lines and costly toner and paper.
  • Lower your energy bill with an energy and resource efficient single-box phone system.

Zultys VoIP phone system offers the functionality and ease-of-use necessary to help you reduce costs while ensuring scalability to meet your growing communication needs. The “all in one” system is designed to maximize investment, usability, and interoperability.

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About Zultys

Zultys delivers feature-rich VoIP Business Phone Systems to help businesses increase productivity, enhance operations, and reduce costs. Zultys offers a complete family of proven SIP solutions, including handsets, IP PBXs, Unified Communications clients, and web conferencing solutions that are simple to install, manage, and scale.

DigiVie can help you implement the best Zultys solution for your unique needs. Contact us to learn more!