Social Media CIOYour role as a CIO is constantly evolving. As the business world becomes more tech-savvy, your primary focus should be on enabling your business to grow through new technology and improved processes. But how can you ensure organization growth occurs? The most important aspect of organization growth involves aligning IT with business goals.

While most businesses are turning towards social media efforts to create new business opportunities, it’s imperative for you to address security threats and business concerns, in order to achieve the growth and opportunities available through social media.

So what are the top concerns regarding social media? And how can you help to alleviate these concerns? According to a survey conducted by IDG Research, here are the top 3 concerns:

  1. Security

When it comes to social media adoption, business executives are highly concerned about data security and access control. Recent studies show that companies have an average of 178 social media accounts. And that’s a fairly large amount of social media accounts when you consider how many individuals are accessing these accounts. Also, these individuals may or may not be communicating with existing and potential customers on behalf of your organization.

  1. Compliance

The risks associated with noncompliance are severe, from penalty fees to bad press to reputational damage; all business executives fear compliance issues resulting from improper social media usage. When a breach occurs, it’s almost impossible to recover. And while your business may meet current regulatory compliance requirements, regulators are always releasing new regulations.

  1. Reputation

Businesses are starting to utilize social media more than ever before. Most employees have personal experience with social media, however, personal experience doesn’t translate into business experience. When employees post inappropriate content, the consequences include brand reputation and loss of customer confidence.

As a CIO, it’s important to ensure security, compliance, and appropriate social media skills within your organization. A social media policy can help you alleviate concerns while achieving the growth and opportunities available through social media.

To learn more about alleviating these concerns, give us a call or send us an email. We can help you develop and enforce a strict social media policy to protect your organization.