ANOTHER MAJOR MALWARE ALERT TARGETING LOCAL BUSINESS FAKE INVOICE EMAIL CONTAINS DAMAGING PAYLOAD There’s malware going around right now that could have disastrous effects on your business. Reports are coming in about people receiving a fake invoice email containing a ZIP attachment – and not surprisingly, what it contains could be extremely damaging to your entire […]

Do you generally feel like a lucky person? The last thing we want to do is burst your bubble, but you should know that luck isn’t enough when it comes to your businesses IT strategy. If you’re not properly equipped to handle a system error or security breach, you’ll face downtime, lost wages, and diminished […]

Is Facebook Following You Around The Internet? You may have noticed that you’re being followed – you look at a product once online and then that same product or similar ones pop up in ads on every other site you visit. That’s not a coincidence. You’re being tracked, and most of the times many people […]

We’ve said it before – if your technology isn’t helping you to streamline work, it’s not doing its job. Tools and solutions provided by your IT company should not only be improving the quality of your output, but also making your day-to-day workload a bit easier. When you’re using Microsoft Access to complete tasks, there […]

There’s breaking news about a dangerous new virus that your business absolutely needs to take notice of. Security researchers at Doctor Web found a bug that can execute a “wide range of destructive actions” on any device it manages to infect. Known as BackDoor.Yebot the malware can basically turn your computer into a zombie server […]

Are you or your business entitled to a settlement sum that you didn’t even know about? It’s entirely possible, and more likely than you’d think! Dynamic random access memory, known as DRAM, is a form of computer memory contained in computers and several other electronic devices. If you purchased DRAM or any device containing it […]

Getting the feeling that your data isn’t being properly protected? Cyber Attacks And Hacking Attempts Are Up Over 48%. Every Business Is At Risk!  Even Yours! That’s a pretty scary thought, especially considering todays constantly-evolving technology. Cybercriminals are getting smarter and smarter, and when you’re dealing with running a business it can be hard to […]

Every time you turn on the news or check a blog, it’s the same story – another data breach. Companies need more protection now than ever, because hackers are getting smarter, and you rely on technology every day to keep your business afloat. If you’ve stayed safe so far you should consider yourself lucky. But […]

YouTube may seem like a hub for a whole lot of silly videos, but have you ever thought of using it as a business tool? YouTube has an annotation feature which allows you to insert links to other videos on the site, though it’s not possible to embed external links. There is a way to […]

RIP Microsoft Internet Explorer – Microsoft Is Killing You Off! [youtube]At its peak, Internet Explorer accounted for 95% of website visits – as of today, about 1 in 4 web users still call it their browser of choice. But Microsoft has announced that after 19 years, they’re gradually going to end support for IE. […]