Battery life ruining your life? We’ve all been there, and sometimes we simply can’t afford to accept the fate of our dying laptops. Sometimes, we need to milk as much time as we can possibly get with our precious little devices. There are some things you can do to buy more time with your laptop […]

If you’re using electronic methods to promote/market your organization, products, or services then read this article to ensure you are compliant with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, or CASL. It’s important to ensure you are following these rules, tips, and restrictions to avoid CASL fines. Consent Your company should get consent for everything. For any […]

In the growing age of technology, almost all financial, business, and personal relations are handled online. What risk does this put our generation in? Are we at risk at all? The answer is, yes. We are constantly at risk of identity or data theft. More and more, stories are emerging of hackers gaining access to […]

Adopting content marketing strategies may just be what your small business needs to remain up to date and in the rankings with the higher corporate markets. But how do you go about content marketing today when consumers are shutting off traditional methods? With the tips below, you’ll have the tools and information you need to […]

Virtual servers are becoming an on-going tool in the business enterprise world. They take the place of traditional servers that run only one operating system at a time. Instead, virtual servers contain multiple separate “software containers.” Each separate container runs its own operating system. These software containers are the virtual server. Each of the isolated […]

Do you spend so much time gawking at the new iOS7 design that you don’t even know what cool new features have been added? Do you still joke that Siri is a racist because she can’t pronounce your name correctly? Fear not, with these cool tips and features, you’ll have the most up to date […]

DoS or denial-of-service attacks are an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. This can happen unintentionally through a flood of traffic to a website causing a crash, or intentionally through a DoS attack. They are one of the most feared attacks on the Internet as they are the […]

CNET, a popular tech news and reviews website with millions of users, has recently been hacked by a Russian hacker known as w0rm or twitter username: “@rev_priv8.” On July 12th, the hacker tweeted a photo of a screenshot depicting the contents from the CNET database, then posted a tweet offering security protection assistance. According to […]

As you’re probably aware, sitting at home watching TV no longer means flopping on the sofa and watching whatever the big networks have scheduled for that night. In fact, movies, entire television seasons, music, and so much more are available on your computer, mobile device and even on your high definition TV! And as technology […]

One of the biggest buzzwords in the tech-community these days is the “cloud”.  In fact, companies of all sizes are looking to the cloud for many of their critical business functions. The reason for this quickly rising momentum with the cloud is to help reduce IT costs and complexities. It wasn’t that long ago when […]