As technology becomes increasingly complex, it’s more difficult than ever before to handle IT issues on your own. And as a business owner, you’re far too busy to deal with disruptions and downtime resulting from IT issues. But fortunately, our IT experts offer an extensive range of IT services and support for businesses! Interested in leveraging IT […]

Demand More From Your IT Service Company. Starting Today! When shopping for the right IT Service Provider, as with any type of service, there are good ones, and “not-so-good” ones.  Unfortunately, many business owners haven’t a clue about to what to look for. They often hire the “not-so-good” ones, and end up falling victim to poor […]

Over the years, PowerPoint has made trials more interesting. Its introduction in 1990 served legal counsels an advantage in setting a more compelling tone of argumentation and case presentations. Herb Rubinstein’s Powerpoint for Court contains some more in-depth applications of legal specific materials included in the complete package. The package includes a recently updated fully-illustrated […]

Whether we like it or not, Microsoft Outlook is the default email client in most offices. In the midst of shortened, more convenient messaging systems available to us, we cannot do away with good ol’ MS Outlook. Let’s take a refresher and get to know tips and tricks to make Outlook work faster for you! […]

If your business is like most, you will be purchasing new IT equipment this year. However, have you considered the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for this equipment?  Once you factor this in, you’ll be shocked to see how expensive it is to own. Smart business owners and CIOs are realizing that here are hidden […]

Apple patched the security vulnerability in its messaging applications shortly after Charlie Miller, a professional hacker, demonstrated how easy it would be to hack into iPhones using a text message. The IT conference last July pointed out loopholes in existing messaging security of cellphones, benchmarking the need to revamp security for mobiles and fixed-line companies. […]

Most businesses use a number of copiers, printers and programs to perform all different print jobs.  The costs associated with printing, copying, scanning and filing documents must be well managed to avoid wasting dollars and resources. Managed Print Services From Digivie Provide: Cost savings of 10% to 30% Complete support for all printer and network […]

Most law firms today have three primary concerns when implementing new information technology—To: Help them analyze diverse and extensive amounts of data. Increase efficiencies and cost savings. Secure their clients’ confidential information. However, even with the extensive adoption of IT by other industries, most modern legal practices are falling behind. Don’t let this happen to […]

Your business relies on mobile computing now more than ever. Your employees work remotely, and use a variety of mobile devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets. However, in today’s world of increasing cyber threats, your business requires greater security when relying on mobile devices, than in years past. Mobile devices get lost, and data gets […]

Ransomware is a form of malware that attempts to hold your data hostage. If it succeeds, you’ll be contacted by a cyber criminal who will demand an immediate payment for the release of your data. Ransomware attacks have increased by 91 percent in just one year. Most are aimed at small to mid-sized businesses. Ransomware […]