Do you protect your laptops and mobile devices with anti-virus software? If not, it’s critical to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks. Cybercriminals can easily intercept data sent over public Wi-Fi, yet 53% of mobile device owners use public Wi-Fi hotspots on a regular basis. Many locations, including hotels, coffee shops, and airports, offer free access […]

In the business world, PowerPoint presentations are commonly used to communicate ideas. A successful PowerPoint presentation gets the message across in a short time period, however, creating a short, yet appealing presentation isn’t always easy to do. Here’s a few tips to help you make your next PowerPoint presentation more appealing to the audience: 1.     […]

When it comes to signing a document electronically, most people struggle with the hassle of signing and scanning the document. Did you know there’s a variety of other ways to sign documents electronically? Here’s 4 apps to sign cheap nba jerseys documents via your smartphone or web browser: 1.     HelloSign Chrome Extension If you receive […]

Do you spend a lot of time trying to keep track of emails, contacts, and calendars on Microsoft Outlook? If you learn to take advantage of the wide variety of features, you can significantly increase your productivity while using Microsoft Outlook. Here are 6 absolute must tips and tricks guaranteed to give you back 30 […]

Microsoft Outlook offers a variety of convenient features and capabilities. White However, Oratie most of us don’t know how to z leverage the features and capabilities available. Here 2015 are 7 convenient tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Microsoft Outlook: Stop Missing Important Messages Are you constantly missing important messages […]

You’ve probably been using Microsoft Word to write documents for years, however, there’s a few lesser-known ways to get work done faster and more efficiently. Here are 8 timesaving tips and tricks for Microsoft Word: 1.     Select Text Quickly You already know that double-clicking will select a single word, however, triple-clicking will select an cheap […]